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Looking for a Virtual Data Room?

Ours is simple, secure and only $500, one time fee.


Virtual Data Room

Manage files and users within a central admin portal. Safely share and revoke access to any user and any file system – just with a few clicks. What is a Virtual Data Room?

Board Portal.

Securely share your sensitive & confidential files and maintain control at all times. Everything H1 is secured through end-to-end bank-grade encryption.

Secure Drive.

Real-time dashboards and detailed reporting drive progress and help you make fast and wise decisions. Read more about virtual data room security at h1.

h1 Virtual Data Room features:

We think you will love h1…

Simple design

Intuitive, fast, mobile friendly and easy-to-use, even for first-timers. We have great documentation, but doubt you will need it.

Ultimate security

Save, print and access controls. Track usage and self destruct with a few clicks. Share what you want, with whom you want for as long as you want.

Unlimited usage

Unlimited users. Unlimited files. Unlimited storage – Unlimited possibilities. One simple plan, no small print.

Complete control

Satisfy risk, compliance and disclosure requirements with ease. Reports capture every action. Everything is logged in real time activity logs.

Same day setup

Close to instant setup. Get up and running same day so you can get back to what really matters…closing that deal.

Cost effective

We have one plan, and it’s priced at 0 per deal (or 6 months, what ever comes first). No limitations or small print.

Virtual Data Room Newsletter.

What are you waiting for?

Deals can be stressful. Don’t waste your time in complex data rooms. H1 virtual data rooms are safe, secure and simple. So you can focus on the deal. Let us get you setup today so you can get back to due diligence .

Very secure
User Friendly
unlimited users
Unlimited storage
Very Cost Effective

per deal, not month.



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