Virtual Data Room security

Securely store and share your sensitive business files with confidence

Secure Data Room

Share with certainty

Our top priority is the Virtual Data Room security. Your data is safe from physical or infrastructure failures with h1 ‘s secure cloud storage and backup features. Your information is stored and backed up across multiple devices and facilities. Our technology checks the data for integrity on a regular basis, and if any issues are detected, they’re automatically corrected.


For the most secure cloud storage experience, h1 employs the same 256-bit encryption and physical security policies as banks. We use a variety of methods to keep your data secure both in transit and at rest. Every communication is sent over a secure, encrypted connection when using SSL. Our service is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our practises are verified by VeriSign. We’ve used ourselves multiple times at with zero security concerns.

Secured backups

h1 uses 256-bit encryption to automatically create encrypted backups of your data. If any flaws are discovered, the system automatically repairs them using redundant data thanks to multiple redundancies and regular integrity assessments using checksums. Have no doubts about the security of your files. Our founding team have experience running high-end datacenters at UK2Group and secure hosting platforms at OnApp (we’ve sold both of those entities to THG and Virtuozzo). We know about data safety.

COMPLIANcy at the core

h1 keeps security protocols in place to ensure that organisations remain HIPAA compliant. h1 data is stored with SSAE 16 certification and PCI DSS Level 1 thanks to our partnership with Amazon Web Services. In addition, we encrypt data in transit and at rest, provide a full audit trail, and offer granular role-based permissions.

Rolebased permission layer

h1’s secure cloud storage platform contains many direct and user-friendly tools for controlling access to documents, such as view, print, and download.

Everything is tracked

Every action by a user is tracked and recorded. Receive notifications whenever someone visits Workspaces, views a preview, downloads a file, or prints a document. Audit trails for your files will help you stay calm and aid in compliance.

Require agreements.

To increase the security of your file sharing, provide customised agreements that users must accept before accessing content. Use a default agreement or customise it with your own language as needed.

Virtual Data Room security

Watermark your documents.

h1’s automatic watermarking tools will help you protect your property. When this option is selected, the words CONFIDENTIAL and the viewing user’s email address will appear throughout the document. When a guest user accesses the file via a secure link, their IP address is displayed instead of their email address.

two-factor authentication.

When signing into h1, require a special code delivered via verified mobile device to increase your file sharing security. Business and Enterprise plans support two-factor authentication across the entire account for worry-free, cloud based Data Room.

Virtual Data Room security