About h1 Virtual Data Rooms.

Who are we?

We’re a bunch of dealmakers based in UK and EU. We generally make investments through kickass.capital and GungHo.io – angel investments, VC deals and M&A. We’ve done that for years, and have tons of experience from both good and less good ventures.

h1 was founded by Ditlev Bredahl – a serial entrepreneur with 7 other startups on record. His last exit? Selling OnApp to Virtuozzo in 2021.

Why did we launch h1?

We’ve always loved the process of doing deals. Exciting negotiations,  the thrill of the big close. Buy and sell side equally. We’ve bought and sold some very cool businesses, like JustEat, Rokoko and OnApp, to name just a few.

Some were easy, others less easy to complete – but again and again, we found ourselves frustrated with the data rooms used for the DD process. They were clunky. Bloated. Slow. Ugly. And so, so expensive.

We decided to launch our own service. A simple powerful UI, and a single transparent one-time fee per transaction. We call it h1.